Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg: Thought Legacy and Contemporary Value

The Thirteenth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy

Proposed Topics:

1. The Thought of Karl Marx and Its Contemporary Value

2. The Thought of Rosa Luxemburg and Its Contemporary Value

3. The Communist Manifesto and the World Socialist Movement

4. World System Theories: Core, Periphery, and Quasi-core

5. The Basic Contradiction of Capitalism and Various Forms of Economic Crisis

6. Unbalanced Development of the World Economy and New Features of Contemporary Capitalism

7. Fair Economic Globalization and Narrow Anti-globalization

8. International Cooperation and Sharing Development in the “Belt and Road” Initiative

9. To Construct a New International Economic, Political and Military Order and a Community of Shared Future for Humankind

10. Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism, Contemporary Neo-imperialism and Neo-colonism

11. The New Trends in Neoliberalism and Its Negative Effects on the World Economy and People’s Livelihood

12. Studies of Schools of Marxist Political Economy in Different Countries and in the World

13. Other Related Topics of Political Economy


16. Juli 2018
18. Juli 2018, Ganztägig
Berlin School of Economics and Law
Badensche Str. 52, 10825 Berlin, Deutschland
World Association for Political Economy