Marx as a Migrant – A digital narrative

Karl Marx lived a long life as a migrant. Fleeing from the Prussian state, censorship and possible arrest, important stops on his journey were Paris, Brussels and London. These cities shaped his political activities, his engagement with political fellow-travellers, as well as his intellectual development and thus his entire work.

At the click of a mouse, you can follow Marx as a migrant from city to city. You can not only immerse yourself in his time, but also discover that even today, traces of his life and work continue to be seen in Paris, Brussels and London.

Each station takes about 45 minutes.


Marx as a Migrant

  • London
  • Capital

One of the best-selling economics books ever

On 2 September 1867, “Capital” is published in a run of 1,000 copies. It attempts – as the foreword of the first edition states – to do nothing less than “lay bare the economic law of motion of modern society”.

“Capital” is both revered and cursed to this day, often discarded and then picked up again. Now in its 40th edition, it is one of the best-selling economics books of all time and an UNESCO world heritage document. In Germany alone, almost 2,000 copies are sold every year.

Volumes two and three, which Marx had announced, were not published in his lifetime. In the following years he revises and adds to the first volume for the second edition and for the French translation, which appears in 1875. This work is constantly interrupted by his cough and rheumatism, carbuncles and liver problems.